Saturday, November 14, 2009

FYS 2, Michigan 0

I don't know what to say about this. We're awful. The power play is pathetic and we keep shooting ourselves in the foot with turnovers. The only reason we don't shoot ourselves in the foot with penalties is that the penalty kill is stellar, but it doesn't matter when you can't put the puck in the net.

We're 4-6-0, we're 13 points out in the CCHA already (though with 2 games in hand), and there's a pretty good chance that we're 0-6 against teams that will be under consideration.

They have to get the power play fixed. 0-11 on the weekend, which makes them an abysmal 7/57 on the season (and six of the seven PPGs were against LSSU, Alaska-Anchorage and Niagara).

To his credit, it sounded like Hogan played very well tonight--making a few huge stops in the third period to at least give Michigan a prayer of coming back. But Palmisano made a few good saves at the other end, getting the shutout.

I've got nothing. This is frustrating. I can deal with football being down in the dumps, but hockey is supposed to be the consistently good team that I don't have to worry about losing four friggin games in a row, including three at home.

We get Bowling Green next week in a crucial series. We have to get six points and "get healthy" against the Falcons. Anything else is a disaster.


Geoffrey Chiles said...

Pretty much.

What a disaster.

jmacdon said...

We were talking to some guys that claim they go to Motts with the team, and they said that pretty much everybody is sick. They sort of implied that it was the flu. Hpoefully that is part of the problem.

Of course that doesn't explain everything, but if true would explain the apparent lack of effort and concentration.

Anonymous said...

One thing I've heard while at Yost and online is "we're 'x' points behind in the standings (which is huge)"
I have no doubt we've dug ourself a hole that will be impossible to climb out of; however, people also need to remember that a win is now 3 points. Comparing standing points this year vs prior years isn't exactly apples to apples. You can lose ground fast, but the opposite is also true.