Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lessio Leaves Niagara Camp

I was set to make a post that things weren't looking good for Michigan in terms of getting a commit from Lucas Lessio, as the talented forward showed up for the start of Niagara's training camp. Life got in the way of blogging, so it never happened.

Fast-forward another day or two and things look better. Lessio did not attend camp today, telling Niagara that he had some things to sort out.

One poster on the Niagara Fan Forum said that everyone he talked to said Lessio was gone from the Dogs and would be playing for Michigan.

We shall see.

Two other things I want to mention because they both seem like great causes:

The annual University of Michigan Kinesiology auction to benefit the Pat Maloy Scholarship is underway once again. There's definitely some cool stuff (that autographed photo of Wolverines holding the Brown Jug is awesome) and it's for a great cause. Bid away!

I also got an email about a project started by two U of M seniors which strives to introduce the game of hockey to underprivileged children in Toulouse, France. It's called L'Hockey Folie.

Here's a blurb about the program from their website:
L'Hockey Folie connects disadvantaged children aged 6-10 from the Mirail with the game of hockey--a connection that would otherwise be very unlikely. In France, hockey is still a niche sport and few have exposure to the game. Moreover, as organized sports in France are expensive, the opportunities to participate in a sports club are predominantly a privilege of select classes. By offering participants the opportunity to both discover a new sport and also enter into an established inline hockey club, Hocklines Toulouse, l'Hockey Folie strives to enrich lives, create connections, expand opportunities and foster positive citizenship.

They're looking to get people to donate used rollerblades, sticks, helmets, and gloves to outfit the kids with proper hockey gear. To help, people can email them at or drop equipment off at 127 Adams Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48104.

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