Thursday, May 01, 2008

Peter Forsberg vs. Jim Carty

This week has brought two hilarious instances of one person calling another out in the media.

The first involved Peter Forsberg, who postponed his regularly scheduled injury for a few minutes so that he could high-stick Mikael Samuelsson. Samuelsson lost a tooth in the incident and Forsberg was assessed a double-minor penalty.

When asked after the game if Samuelsson embellished the contact, Forsberg said, "Definitely. He's laying there on the ice and I barely touched him."

Gotcha. I bet Samuelsson also loosened that tooth before the game so that if someone happened to "barely touch him" in the mouth with a stick, he could quickly pop the tooth out and draw a crucial penalty.

Diving? Pssh. What an embarrassment to the game. Lord knows Forsberg would never do such a thing (the replay at the 41 second mark is kind of amazing):

Just a reminder, this is the guy whose Swedish nickname, Foppa, has been amended to Floppa by fans everywhere to better suit his diving prowess.

And if he's going to crack on someone for diving, at least crack on them for a legit dive. He knocked out Samuelsson's tooth with his stick. There's a reason Sammy was on the ice. If someone knocked out one of Forsberg's teeth, not only would he miss a week but he'd come back with a Dan Cleary-style mask on. The only way this could possibly be better is if Robbie Earl, Paul Kariya, or Sidney Crosby chimed in in support of Forsberg's comments.

Samuelsson also never punched a goalie in the balls, but that's another story.

The hilarity of Forsberg's comments, however, may have been topped by something that Jim Carty wrote earlier in the week. He was responding to Bill Simonson's "obsession" with him (don't flatter yourself there too much) by ripping on The Huge Show as well as a column that Simonson wrote, in which Simonson criticized a Lions' draftee who is allowed to play football (and be an Army recruiter) rather than fulfill his service commitment to the Army as has been the method of operation in the past.

In the column, Carty says that his refusal to go on Simonson's program any longer...
"Didn't have to be a big deal, but Simonson - probably desperate for a topic - then blew the whole thing up into a two-day jihad, first claiming it was part of a conspiracy to get him off the air, then changing the story and claiming he banned me from the show."
He then writes that the Lions' draft pick's commitment to the country shouldn't be questioned, "Not for a minute. Not by anyone, let alone a guy doing it just to get people to notice a third-rate local radio show."

Because, you know, Carty would never take something that really wasn't a big deal, blow it up into a multi-day "jihad" and take a controversial stance in a pathetic attempt to get someone to notice a fourth-rate columnist at a third-rate local newspaper. He's above doing things like that.

He also threatened to publish Simonson's "whiny email, bad spelling and all". I guess once you've gone ahead and illegally published GPAs and information from transcripts it's not really a step forward to publish personal emails.


Eric J. Burton said...

Forsberg is a hack he proved that in the Wild and Av's series.

Anonymous said...

pack, i agree that the AAnews story re: academics at M was weak, at best. but to be fair, Carty is right about the Huge show. it's terrible radio on all counts and there was no reason for him to blast Carty.

Packer487 said...

It is (my how the Ticket has gone downhill), but it's rich that Carty is calling someone out for taking a controversial stance in an effort to get people to notice him. That's been his MO for years.

Anonymous said...

I can tolerate Huge (as in ego)provided that he doesn't topic drift. It was funny how he ripped on Carty about the R-Rod witchhunt and then about the"groundbreaking"
journalism the A2 News put out on the athletics academics "scandal".
Carty is just filling in the the shoes of the long list of predecessors that wanted to make a name and move on. Thomaselli, etc.

Floppa. Hmmm. Too bad he didn't just retire and save some dignity. He did win 2 Cups and an Olympic Gold, but acquired the class of the fans he plays for.

Weight Loss Warrior said...

forsberg is all washed out

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