Friday, January 04, 2008

Media Roundup: GLI Championship

Since I apparently am not going to bed tonight due to my portable hard drive crashing, and my desperate need to find out if I can recover any of the data (like all the Packers wins from the last 2 years, Harvick's Daytona 500 win and a slew of Michigan games), now is as good of a time as any to do the Media Roundup for the GLI. While I'm at it, if anyone has any experience with data recovery programs like GetDataBack, SpinRite, or BadCopy--or tips for what I can do (I'm getting a "data error cyclic redundancy check" when I try to get to the F drive in the DOS prompt..."My Computer" just freezes when I try to select it)--any help would be much appreciated.

The Michigan Side:

Sauer has been outstanding this year, but I gotta disagree with Antoine that it was a poor performance in the NCAAs that spoiled a "good sophomore season" last year. The overall point of the article--that this GLI title was a long time coming--is definitely valid, though.

A GLI title game that is scoreless going into OT is very rare indeed. Wish I could've seen the replay of that no-goal we had. I'd like to know how close it was...and I wish that replay official had been working the Western Conference Final last year.

Random stat that I'm not sure I couldn't have been a scoreless tie due to the continuous OT, but the last time Michigan had a scoreless tie was in 1954.

Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. But it helps if you're a good player and you're lucky, like Louie Caporusso. BTW, for him, national pride means more than seeing any of his teammates come home with World Junior gold. Can't blame him.

This might be the best headline to an article ever.

Ann Arbor News game story from the semifinal.

Kolarik said of all the blocked shots in the championship game, "It was just a mess out there." BTW, that 3 1/2 hour game was like 12 seconds too long. The FSD telecast allotted 3 1/2 hours, and my DVR cut off 12 seconds before we scored the winning goal. The game was on tape delay. Couldn't they have like...edited out part of the 4th intermission or something? Loud noises!

There are a lack of egos on this edition of the Wolverines. As a friend of mine would put it (and then I'd make fun of him for his word choice), "I love this team. They're such a team."

It feels kind of funny to go into a game expecting to get consistently great goaltending. I haven't done that since Montoya's sophomore year. I'm still kind of in shock really. And I'm convinced that Josh Blackburn is the best goalie coach ever.

Sauer won CCHA Goaltender of the Week (shocker there) for the fourth time this season, and was also named CCHA Player of the Month for December after posting a 3-0-0 record with a 0.59 GAA, .983 save %. That's decent...He now has the 8th best GAA in the country (1.80) and 11th best save percentage (.930--A .930? Really?).

Official game stories: Providence. Michigan Tech. In all our years of playing in the GLI, we had just one shutout coming into this past weekend. This weekend, we had two.

The Michigan Tech View:

Tech's student newspaper hasn't published since the GLI, so there's no comment from them. I did find this look back at the "Worst Year in Sports History" and I'm really not sure what to make of it. I don't typically make fun of other writers because I definitely have my faults, but this is horrible. Sammy Sosa did what this year? I found at least 6 glaring many can you find? It's like a word search or something. I think I could've written that column in 5th grade. This has to be a joke that I'm not s-m-r-t enough to figure out. Either that or the writer is really convinced that in Heaven there is no beer.......At least he didn't call Miami a dynasty in the making.

And actually, there was nothing in the Houghton or Marquette papers that I could find. Weird.

Up next is Tuesday's exhibition against the NTDP Under 18 team, which is 3-6-1 against D-1 opponents this year. They have wins over Harvard, Yale, and Duluth, and tied St. Cloud. As of December 17, Robbie Czarnik was tied for fourth on the team with 17 points in 26 games (just two points out of the team lead). David Wohlberg has 3-8--11 in 23 games.


Anonymous said...

Sorry man, no help with the computer issues. I've had my fair share of problems this past year, and the only resolution was no resolution at all. I lost all of my music and video, which was pretty crushing at the time. I've since gained most of it back, and a new machine is finally being built. To you, I wish good luck! Now on to the hockey stuff....

I completely agree to disagree with Antoine's comment. Sauer was obviously inconsistent last year. When he was on his game, he was decent. But when he wasn't, it was *bad*. Given the fluctuation between those variables, I'm not sure how it could be classified as a good season. A good 6 week stretch? Probably.

In my opinion, if the no-goal in the Tech game had been called a goal, it would have been a travesty. Miller crashed Nolan, taking him out of position to make any play on the puck. On my recollection without the assist of video, I don't even think it was close. Kudos to Shegos though for taking the time and getting the call right.

Budd Lynch - please, for all that is right in the world, retire. You hold a legendary status within the hockey community, and it's a damn shame to have that tarnished with each passing game.

I set my DVR to record both the live version, and the FSN tape delay. Both also would have missed the end of the game. I wasn't sure what kind of editing FSN would do, so I adjusted the DVR to record for 5 hours when we got back from downtown. I'm sure I got it all, but haven't reviewed the recording yet. I'll have it uploaded to mgovideo in a few weeks.

We've always assumed that egos played to a huge detriment over the previous 2 seasons. And while I was somewhat disheartened to see "them" go, the first half of this year has erased a lot of memories that many of us had. Of course, we'll still hold on to the good ones, but NoDak seems very distant, almost as if it occurred in an alternate dimension of time. I'm not sure that Chad needed to confirm the past, but it was a nice lead into what we all know: This team plays as one cohesive unit. I'll take that over top-caliber individuals eight days a week.

As for my prior comment of uneasiness when Llewellyn and Vaughan are paired together: They've started to calm my nerves a tad. I'm still not jumping up and down seeing them out there together, but they've grown over the past few games. Hopefully that continues into the second half.

I am convinced that Matt Sheppard is not the answer to Ken Daniels absence. Not a fan, at all.

Packer487 said...

Luckily one of those programs seems to have worked wonders. I was up until 6 am, but I managed to save everything that needed to be saved. Whew. Currently in the process of backing it all up onto DVDs, and I'll probably have to get another drive, but it would've crushed me to lose some of that stuff....

Yeah, Sauer was pretty darn good in the stretch run before the debacle against UND, but the season as a whole? Hard to use the word "good" to describe it. It makes what he's doing this year all the more impressive. Consistent play. Never thought we'd see it out of him.

About the no-goal, that's kind of what I figured had happened. Because it was a controversial play, they never showed a replay on the big board.

That's awesome that you've got a recording that'll be mgovideo-bound. Definitely a game I want in my archive. Thanks!

The best part about this "team concept" thing we've got going on is that we've GOT top-caliber individuals, but they're buying into the system. Usually you hear about a bunch of guys playing as a team, and it's a group that maybe isn't the most talented, but they make it work (MSU last year?). This group has an insane amount of ability and they've still managed to keep the egos in check. I think that's the mark of a great captain. Hard to think that you're hot **** when your captain is probably going to win the Hobey Baker and he's so soft-spoken.

Llewellyn has been shaky--he was benched for a big portion of the Championship Game--but I think Vaughan has been outstanding as of late. That kid can definitely play.

I'm not a fan of Shep either...

Anonymous said...

Good point: Buying into the team concept, with talented individuals, is what separates the best from the rest.

Thanks for the tip about Llewellyn. Apparently I completely missed the fact that he wasn't seeing regular time with Vaughan that night.