Friday, November 30, 2007

10 Things to Know About the Ohio State Buckeyes

1. They're really really bad. (Edit: I guess I should've worded this "Their record is really really bad) They currently sit at 3-10-1 and are 1-7-0 in the CCHA, ahead of only Alaska and LSSU in the conference standings. The wins came against Mercyhurst, Wisconsin (?!) and Western Michigan. They somehow managed to only take "one point" from a weekend series against Robert Morris. That said, we lost to BGSU last year when we weren't yet a lock for the tournament. I keep waiting for the youngsters to have a truly crappy game against a team we should slaughter. I'd prefer that this weekend not be it. These teams have split the last 3 series, so we'd be wise to take them very seriously, even though their record sucks.

2. OSU has one player who is a +, and he is +1.

3. They are scoring on 7.4% of their shots on goal this season. Michigan's team shooting percentage is 14.7%. OSU is averaging 2.1 goals a game, Michigan is at 4.3.

4. The special teams are at least respectable. 15.2% on the power play, 81.9% on the PK.

5. Student section: Tom Goebel is the guy you should hate. Not only is he the Buckeyes' leading scorer, he played for MSU for 2 years. A Spartan and a Buckeye? Make fun of him, and make fun of him lots. He's short, that's a good place to start, especially since Dirty Hobbit is gone.

Another target: Tom Fritsche, who missed half of last season with an intestinal problem. You probably shouldn't make fun too much because it was pretty serious, but if someone could yell "Blow it out your ass, Fritsche" for me, that'd be great. Those two combined are -19. Strong defensive work there, boys. Chris Kunitz would be proud.

Backup goalie Phil Lauderdale was born in 1983. Dude, get a job!

6. Goalie Joseph Palmer is better than his numbers--gotta believe the defense sucks. He has a 3.43 and a .877 save percentage. Eww.

7. Goebel leads the team with 5 goals, and 4 have come on the PP. They've scored just 30 goals this season (our top line alone has 28).

8. OSU's worst period is the 2nd, where they've given up 26 goals and have only scored 11.

9. They're very good on faceoffs, winning 56% as a team. McIlvane and Albert are their two main faceoff guys and they stand at 61 and 59 percent respectively.


Go Blue!


Anonymous said...

You know Phil Lauderdale was in pre-law when you wrote this rambling trash and that he's now in law school, right? Dick fuck.

Packer487 said...

Didn't know that, don't particularly care. It was a joke. And one that I make nearly every week about older players on the team we're playing. I just gave the entire LSSU team the "Dude, get a job" award last week.