Friday, September 08, 2006

CMU: What I Would Like to See

A quick take on what I would like to see tomorrow:

-Henne to be more accurate, though I still don't think he was as bad last week as people seemed to think.
-The offensive line to give him more time to throw. They'll face a good test against Dan Bazuin and it would be nice to see them come out on top in that one.
-Execution by the offense, so that we can put this thing away and build some depth by getting guys some PT.
-More of the same out of the defense. Another effort like last week's and I will be VERY happy.
-Steve Breaston fair catching a punt so he doesn't get smoked every time.
-Our STs to actually lay a hand on the gunners.
-The replay officials to actually do their job properly. If I can tell live action that a call is wrong, there's no reason that a) It shouldn't be replayed and b) That they should still manage to get the call wrong.
-This goes along with building depth, but I really want to get a good look at Minor and Brown.
-The tight ends to actually catch the ball.
-A nice big Meeeechigan victory along the lines of 45-10.
-And following the game, I'd like to see a nice turnout at Crisler Arena to watch the volleyball game. If you haven't been to one, I promise you'll love it. Those games are awesome (the scenery ain't bad either--Note: If anyone in the department is reading this, I'm completely talking about the beauty of Crisler and Keen Arena here) and they're giving away some pretty cool stuff.


Anonymous said...

I know this isn't about football, but I just read kevin Allen's article in Michigan Hockey-his 25 predictions, one of which is that UM Dman Jack Johnson will be playiong for Carolina in the play offs in 2007. Thoughts? Actually, I read a TON that he might get traded to Pittsburgh. I personally feel if he goes to Pitt he's gone. Carolina, maybe more years. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Allen. He'll play out the season with Michigan and sign with the 'Canes for their 2007 playoff run. Traded or not, he's gone after this year, bank on it. I personally felt any year after his first would be pure gravy, but don't expect to see him as a junior.