Tuesday, June 20, 2006

This Doesn't Surprise Me

This....is ESPN. This....is a phone service that no one is buying. The Wall Street Journal reported today that fewer than 10,000 people have signed up for Mobile ESPN through the month of May (it launched in February). I'm pretty sure that works out to one person signed up per every three showings of the commercial. While ESPN may be surprised at the low numbers, I for one am not. As an obviously huge sports fan, I checked out the website to see how much this little flip-phone from heaven would cost me when my Cingular contract expires in a year or so. Right then, it became evident that no one in their right mind would sign up for this service.

Why you may ask? Because the cheapest plan they had was for something like $39.99 a month. For 200 anytime minutes--and by anytime minutes they mean night, weekend, everything. Because nights and weekends weren't free. The next level up was for 400 anytime minutes, which included free night and weekends. But it was $70 a month! Yeah I'm gonna go ahead and stick with the family plan....

In light of the fact that more people attend your average New Jersey Devils Stanley Cup parade than have signed up for Mobile ESPN, it looks like ESPN has lowered their prices on it. Now it's a much more reasonable $39.99 a month for 400 anytime minutes plus unlimited night and weekend.

Now, I'm not gonna lie. I'm back to thinking, "Hmmmmmm...."

In other news, it's a sad, sad day at the University of Michigan. The White M-Cards are officially no more.

Per an email I got today: "This e-mail is a reminder to faculty, staff, and students that if they are still carrying a "white" Mcard that these cards are no longer valid. The cardholder must go to an ID Issuing Station (locations can be found at www.mcard.umich.edu/stations.htm) and have their card replaced with a "yellow" Mcard."

RIP White M-Card.

And Sidney? When you come to visit Michigan's campus in a couple weeks, no trying to talk Jack into going pro if the Hurricanes decide to trade him for Pittsburgh's #2 pick. Seriously, that's not cool. You've got Malkin now, just wait another year or three.

And prospective 2007 hockey recruit Jeff Petry has decided that he likes cows better than National Championships and has committed to Michigan State.


Anonymous said...

I've said this before, but I have met and talked with the Johnson family. Jack Sr. has personally guaranteed one more year from his son. They are a Michigan family through and through, and it is clear that they (and especially HE) love everything about playing hockey at Yost.

Except losing six games at home, of course.

But honestly I don't see it happening. Money talks, but so do the students at Yost, and hearing them chant "you got fucked up" after a big JJ hit or the "three more years" chant... you just can't play to a kid's ego any better than that.

Jack himself said he would only leave at gunpoint. Let's hope nobody figures out how to make a gun out of money.

Colin, your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

"And prospective 2007 hockey recruit Jeff Petry has decided that he likes cows better than National Championships and has committed to Michigan State."

Since Michigan hasn't won a championship in a while, I am not sure it is wise to be too much of a smart ass.

Packer487 said...

Jeremy: I'm pretty confident he'll be back as well. But too many Michigan hockey summers will have me not believing it until I see him back out on the ice.

Anon: Yeaah, but we got completely screwed out of one in 2003 ;-) Oh, and Sparty hasn't won since what? 86?

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's because I'm (I think) a bit older than you guys, but I'm way too bitter about Michigan hockey summers. If JJ gets traded to Pittsburgh, I'm seriously worried. Playing with one of his best friends in Crosby might just be too much to pass up, power of Yost or no. Hopefully the draft comes and goes without any dramatics.

Anonymous said...

Jack is definately coming back! He has proven he is a man of his word AND his own man! case in point-turning Carolina down to get a cup. I am not sure ANYBODY has ever done that, but that's Jack. He was totally screwed by the CCHA last year, and even the Dekers, and for the life of me I can't see why he wouldn't go pro, but that's Jack. It wasn't that Pittsburgh didn't try for him, Carolina said NO WAY! Carolina killed it, NOT Pittsburgh. This according to IMG. Michigan has a special kid, better appreciate it, he's rare.

Packer487 said...

Well I was glad to see he didn't get moved. I thought if anything could lure him out of U of M it'd be a chance to play with his good buddy Sidney. Now I'm only a little worried (and that's just general cynicism at the way summers tend to go for us) that he won't be in maize and blue this fall.

Can't wait to see him back on the ice.

Anonymous said...

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