Saturday, June 17, 2006

A Commit Confirmed, More on Our New Goalies

More good stuff from Bob Miller on The Yost Post today, courtesy of Paul Shaheen's Research on Ice.

In Paul's article, he mentions that future goalie Bryan Hogan may defer his enrollment until 2008, which alarms me slightly. He seems to very much want to play for the Wolverines, his goaltending coach is Michigan's goalie coach Stan Matwijiw. But at the same time, Bryan Lerg also said he was thrilled to be a Wolverine and he's wearing Green and White after deferring for a year. If Hogan blows up in the USHL this year, which isn't all that unlikely, I'm still not calling him a lock for Michigan if either of our goalies take a strangle-hold on the starting job this year. I've seen this happen too many times.

Some happy comments about Hogan from the article though:
"He really developed into one of our league's elite goaltenders by the end of the year," says Lincoln head coach/GM Steve Johnson, who helped introduce us to Hogan back in March (Hogan's Hero, ROI March 23, 2006). "As the year went on, he understood the pace better, he got stronger, more confident, and we relied on him very heavily. He did an outstanding job."

And about Chad Langlais, whose commitment is now official:
"He's highly skilled, but can play it tough as well," says Johnson of the left shooting Langlais. "He anticipates very well, and know how to jump into the play."

But apparently he makes defense his top priority still. Love seeing those guys described as "highly skilled".

I also didn't realize this, but Jeff Petry is from Orchard Lake St. Mary's originally. That's gotta be in our favor, unless he decides that "it's more of a business down there" or something.

I've been having way too much fun on the board tonight. People want to start Osgood next year for some reason. I'm doing my best to fight the good fight and quash that idiocy.

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