Monday, November 28, 2005

Wheldon's Gone? What the Hell?

I pull up the IRL webpage today after my last post in the midst of enjoying having the internet once again, and I see this: "Ganassi Overhaul for 06: Wheldon, Dixon will drive Dallara powered Hondas".
My reaction: No big deal, Honda's got a great engi.....WHEN THE HELL DID THEY SIGN DAN WHELDON!!!!!

The story just glosses over it. Ganassi announced it at a press conference today apparently, but there's nothing about how the IndyCar Champ just left the most powerful team in the sport, for a rival. No reaction from Michael Andretti about who they might fill his spot with, no reaction from Wheldon about how this got done. It just seems like it was expected to happen.

They'll probably add a fourth driver to the team. I'm hoping they'll up Herta's role in the team to more of an equal partner rather than a testing specialist. Franchitti's still my pick to win it all next year.

Holy crap though.

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